Popeyes Daily Specials (Updated May 2023)

Popeyes daily specials save you more money when you eat Popeyes menu items. In 2023, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen added more items to the daily specials menu.

Popeyes offers everyday specials for its regular customers. Just like Popeyes Tuesday special, you can also have Popeyes special foods on other days of the week.

With daily specials meals, you can also get Popeyes sauces free of cost, and you should not miss it.

So, let’s know Popeyes daily specials foods with prices and nutrition facts here.

Popeyes Daily Specials

popeyes daily specials
Popeyes Daily Specials 2023

Popeyes offers 3 PC Tenders on Monday, 2 PC Chicken on Tuesday, 2 Chicken Minis on Wednesday, 3 PC Chicken on Thursday, Cajun Poutine on Friday, 5 PC Wings on Saturday, and 1 PC Leg & 4.5 oz Popcorn Shrimp on Sunday.

  • Monday Specials: 3 pieces of Tenders at $4.99
  • Tuesday Specials: 2 pieces of Chicken (Leg and Thigh) at $3.49
  • Wednesday Specials: 9 pieces of Nuggets at $4.99
  • Thursday Specials: 3 pieces of Chicken (Leg, Wing and Thigh) at $5.49
  • Friday Specials: Cajun Poutine at $3.99
  • Saturday Specials: 5 pieces of Wings (Wingettes and Drumettes) at $5.49
  • Sunday Specials: 2 pieces of Chicken Minis at $4.29

Popeyes Monday Special

Popeyes has three pieces of Tenders for $4.99 on Monday specials menu. Popeyes tenders are handcrafted marinated chicken tender, which is juicy inside and crispy outside. 

Popeyes Monday specials Chicken tenders are made of white meat chicken, buttermilk coating, crisp pickles, and spicy mayonnaise.

Price: Popeyes Monday specials 3 pieces of tenders price is $4.99.

Popeyes Monday special nutrition facts:

  • Calories – 459
  • Total Fat – 17g
  • Proteins – 38g
  • Carbohydrates – 35g

Popeyes Tuesday Special

Among Popeyes daily specials menu, Popeyes Tuesday specials are fan favorites.

On Tuesday, Popeyes offers 2 pieces of Chicken; one leg & one thigh with a biscuit, a drink, and one Popeyes side only for $3.49.

Price: Popeyes Tuesday specials price is $3.49, but some locations’ prices can be different slightly.

Popeyes Tuesday special nutrition facts:

  • Calories – 480
  • Total Carbohydrates – 14g
  • Proteins – 28g
  • Total Fat – 30g

Popeyes Wednesday Special

popeyes wednesday specials
Popeyes Wednesday Special

On Popeyes Wednesday special, Popeyes serves 9 pieces of Nuggets. Nuggets are also a popular item on Popeyes kids’ menu.

Popeyes Nuggets are a little bit saltier than other fast-food franchises. The taste of Popeyes Nuggets is good, and Popeyes Wednesday special is also getting famous for its low cost.

Price: You can get Popeyes Wednesday special only for $4.99.

Popeyes Wednesday special nutrition facts:

  • Calories – 448
  • Total Fat – 27g
  • Proteins – 26g
  • Total Carbohydrates – 30g

Popeyes Thursday Special

Popeyes Thursday deal offers 3 pieces of Chicken; Leg, Wing and Thigh. The size of every piece of Chicken is big enough to satisfy your appetite.

Popeyes Thursday deal is really cheap and delicious, but Leg piece Chicken has a better taste than other pieces.

Price: Popeyes Thursday special costs you $5.49.

Popeyes Thursday special nutrition facts:

  • Calories – 630
  • Total Carbohydrates – 16g
  • Proteins – 41g
  • Total Fat – 21g

Popeyes Friday Special

popeyes friday specials
Popeyes Friday Special

Popeyes Friday special menu has Cajun Poutine that is loaded with shrimp, cheese curds, and gravy.

If you love Popeyes Cajun Poutine, then go to Popeyes on Friday and get this menu item only for 3.99.

But, Popeyes Cajun Poutine is high in calories, so try to avoid eating Cajun Poutine regularly.

Price: Popeyes Friday deal’s Cajun Poutine price is only $3.99.

Popeyes Friday special nutrition facts:

  • Calories – 830
  • Total Fat – 8g
  • Proteins – 14g
  • Carbohydrates – 32g

Popeyes Saturday Special

On Saturday, Popeyes also has a great offer to their customers. Popeyes Saturday’s special menu includes five Wings: Wingettes and Drumettes.

Popeyes introduced Fried Chicken Wings a long time ago, and Popeyes menu still has this item. 

Price: Popeyes Saturday special price is only $5.49.

Popeyes Saturday special nutrition:

  • Calories – 965
  • Total Fat – 65g
  • Proteins – 60g
  • Total Carbohydrates – 38g

Popeyes Sunday Special

popeyes sunday specials
Popeyes Sunday Special

Among Popeyes specials, Sunday deal is also very popular to Popeyes fans. Popeyes Sunday special has two pieces of Chicken Minis.

Popeyes Chicken Minis feature a toasted mini-bun and a small size of Chicken. The taste of Popeyes Chicken Minis is average, nothing special.

Price: You can get Popeyes Sunday special only for $4.29.

Popeyes Sunday special nutrition facts:

  • Calories – 610
  • Total Fat – 14g
  • Proteins – 17g
  • Total Carbohydrates – 42g

Conclusion – Popeyes Daily Specials

Popeyes daily specials let you get your favorite Popeyes dish at a low cost. Popeyes Tuesday deal is way more popular than other daily specials.

Popeyes Monday and Friday specials are also getting popular all over the nation.

From Monday to Sunday and all day long, Popeyes specials are available to give a chance to eat at less.

Personally, I do not miss Popeye’s Tuesday and Thursday specials because I love chicken.

So, follow Popeyes daily special menu and make your schedule to save money at Popeyes.

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