Is Olive Garden Closing In 2023? (Rumor Or Truth)

News about Olive Garden Italian Restaurant closing might be every foodie has heard for a long time now. But, Olive Garden fans are still confused when it comes to this question, is Olive Garden closing?

People care about Olive Garden door closing news because Olive Garden is feeding us the best quality Italian cuisine at a very reasonable cost.

Olive Garden restaurant is now available in over nine hundred locations all over the nation. So, it’s totally normal to see why people want to know the truth behind it.

Some we also see on social media that people are saying Olive Garden is going out of business and Olive Garden is actually shutting down, and lots of this type of news.

Therefore, our team started recharging the news of Olive Garden closing, and we are going to show you the truth about whether Olive Garden is actually closing or it’s just a rumor.

Is Olive Garden Closing?

is olive garden closing
Is Olive Garden Closing?

As of 2023, the simple answer is no, Olive Garden is not going to close, and the news about Olive Garden restaurant closing is just a rumor that comes from several social media sites. Even Olive Garden Italian Restaurant has plans to stick around for a long time.

Darden Restaurants, Inc. is the parent company of Olive Garden. The parent organization of Olive Garden restaurants hasn’t said anything about Olive Garden restaurants closing yet.

The president of Darden Restaurant, Inc. and Olive Garden, Dan Kiernan, also didn’t claim anything about the Olive Garden door closing rumor.

So, it’s very evident that Olive Garden’s closing news is totally nothing but a rumor.

The parent company of Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, Darden Restaurants, Inc., constantly expands its business by opening up new locations of Olive Garden.

The door of Olive Garden Italian Restaurant is still open today, and it will be in the future, so don’t worry about unlimited breadsticks, soup, and salad.

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Statistics Prove Olive Garden Is Not Closing

To fact-check Olive Garden’s closing news, you need to see Olive Garden’s current year and previous year’s business growth.

Here are some statistics that prove Olive Garden restaurants are going out of business:

1. Darden Restaurants Still Operates Over 1,500 Restaurants

As you know, Darden Restaurant is the owner of Olive Garden Italian Restaurant.

Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Yard House, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, The Capital Grille, Seasons 52, and many more restaurant companies operate under Darden Restaurants, Inc.

Currently, in total, Darden Restaurants operates over 1,500 restaurants which means Olive Garden is not going out of business.

2. Around 96,000 Employees Are Working At Olive Garden

Olive Garden has over nine hundred restaurants, where over 96,000 associates are working.

Employing this huge number of employees will not be possible if Olive Garden closes.

3. Darden Restaurants Invested $200 Million In Employees Benefit Programs

Over 175,000 employees are working under Darden Restaurants, Inc. Recently Darden Restaurants invested over $200 million in offering better employee benefits programs.

This is another major statistic that proves Olive Garden is not closing its locations.

4. Olive Garden Restaurants Have $3.8 Billion In Annual Sales

The annual sales of Olive Garden restaurants always go higher than the previous year.

Last year, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant’s annual sales were over $3.8 billion, which is quite impressive.

5. Olive Garden Captured A Record Of $118 Million In Segment Profit In The Fourth Quarter

There is no doubt that Olive Garden is the best casual dining restaurant chain in the United States.

In the fourth quarter of last year, Olive Garden captured a record 118 USD million profit.

6. Olive Garden Restaurants Donated More Than 35 Million Pounds Of Food

Olive Garden’s contribution to reducing human hunger gives a signal that they make enough profit from their business.

Since 2003, Olive Garden restaurants have donated over 38 million pounds of food to local community food banks.

And Darden Restaurants all subsidiaries have already donated 83.3 million meals nationwide.

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Reasons Why Olive Garden Is Not Going Out Of Business

reasons why olive garden not going out of business
Why Olive Garden Is Not Going Out Of Business

On social media sites finding news about “Olive Garden permanently closing” news is very common. So, let’s see some great reasons why Olive Garden Italian Restaurant is not closing permanently.

  • Olive Garden is The Number One Italian Chain Restaurant:
    Since today, Olive Garden has held the first position in the Italian chain restaurant in the world. In terms of taste and affordability of food, Olive Garden is the best.
  • Booking New Locations Constantly:
    Around nine hundred locations at Olive Garden now. But, Olive Garden still opens restaurants in new locations all over the nation, which won’t be possible if Olive Garden shuts down.
  • Extensive Growth:
    Did you know Olive Garden first started as a Florida-based restaurant in 1982? And today, Olive Garden serves all over the nation.
  • Darden Restaurants Abundant Annual Sales:
    Darden Restaurants, Inc, generates over 7 billion USD in annual sales, which is another major reason why Olive Garden is not going out of business.
  • Enormous Contribution To The Local Community:
    Olive Garden Italian Restaurant’s contribution to the local community is worth mentioning. Olive Garden contributes to the local community by donating food and creating employment.

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Where Did These Rumors Exactly Come From?

where did these rumors exactly come from
Where Did These Rumors Exactly Come From?

The Olive Garden closing rumors exploded massively in the fiscal years 2019 and 2020. In the same years, restaurant companies are actually bleeding due to the world’s unstable situation.

Prominent news media companies like CNBC, CNN, FOX News, and more are reporting about Darden Restaurants, Inc.’s losses.

As you already know, Olive Garden is the world’s largest Italian restaurant chain. Therefore, on social media, Olive Garden fans are posting news about its losing location.

So, it can be said that these rumors about Olive Garden’s business come from TV news, media, and social media.

According to CNBC, Darden Restaurants, Inc.’s revenue fell 43%, and Darden Restaurants’ subsidiaries also lost a huge percentage of revenue in fiscal years 2019-20.

Olive Garden needed to close some locations all over the nation. But, they did not claim they were going out of business.

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What Is The Future Of Olive Garden Restaurants

Now it’s very transparent that Olive Garden has a better future in terms of revenue.

Olive Garden’s parent company is expanding its market size in the U.S. and the whole world’s restaurant industry.

As of 2023, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant has already made a record of profit growth, and this indicates a solid future for Olive Garden restaurants.

By opening more locations, Olive Garden serves more customers, which brings even more profit than ever before.

Olive Garden makes the most money among all Darden Restaurants subsidiaries, and then LongHorn Steakhouse.

Darden Restaurants company also takes further steps to improve employees’ wages and benefits.

With consideration of business growth and model, the future of Olive Garden restaurant is quite stable and sustainable.

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Is Olive Garden Profitable?

Olive Garden is a successful and also significantly profitable restaurant chain in the United States.

Olive Garden was founded around forty years ago, and now Olive Garden is the world’s largest Italian-style restaurant chain.

In every fiscal year quarter, Olive Garden beat its previous quarter’s profit margin.

But yes, when the whole world shut down in fiscal year 2019-20, Olive Garden closed its door for restriction.

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant also loses huge money, but in the fiscal year 2020-2021, they get back to business.

Olive Garden is still opening new restaurant locations in the U.S., Canada, and also in the Philippines.

Olive Garden Profit Margin

Olive Garden’s profit margin is 25.5% in the quarter of 2023. And by considering Olive Garden’s business model and steps, it can predict that Olive Garden can bring more profit margin in a couple of years.

The authenticity of Olive Garden Italian Restaurant’s food and affordability attracts more customers and profit.

Since last year, Olive Garden can increase its profit margin by around 2% this current year.

Olive Garden’s parent organization is also pouring more money to ensure the consistency of Olive Garden’s profit margin each year and quarter.

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Future Olive Garden Locations

Olive Garden has been consistent with grand opening new locations all over the nation since it was founded.

Five new Olive Garden locations:

1. Natomas Sacramento – The Promenade Shopping Mall

Olive Garden is going to open a new restaurant location in the city of Sacramento, California. 

  • Address: 3511 N Freeway Blvd, Sacramento, CA-95834
  • Phone Number: (279) 499-3274

2. East Point – Camp Creek Marketplace

In the state of Georgia, Olive Garden has limited locations. Recently Olive Garden confirmed that it is opening a location in East Point city in Georgia.

  • Address: 3390 Camp Creek Parkway, East Point, GA-30344
  • Phone Number: (404) 439-8818

3. In The City Of Benton, AR

Olive Garden is going to open its first restaurant location in Benton, Arkansas.

  • Address: 16732 Interstate 30 N, Benton, AR-72019
  • Phone Number: (501) 575-3353

4. Central Park Commons

Olive Garden recently opened a location in the city of Eagan, Minnesota.

  • Address: 3290 Central Park Village Drive, Eagan, MN-55121
  • Phone Number: (952) 324-7021

5. Delafield, WI

Olive Garden is now available in Delafield city. So, be there to get authentic Italian food taste.

  • Address: 2440 Milwaukee St., Delafield, WI-53018
  • Phone Number: (262) 646-2183

Is Olive Garden Closing In Canada?

Olive Garden is not going to close its door in Canada. Olive Garden Canada does not say anything about shutting down.

As of 2023, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant has eight locations in Canada.

The province of Manitoba has two Olive Garden locations, Calgary has only one, Alberta has two, and other provinces also have at least one Olive Garden location.

Olive Garden has a very good opportunity and the possibility to open up more locations in Canada.

Is Olive Garden Closing In Ohio?

The state of Ohio has several Olive Garden locations. Currently, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant is available in ten different locations in Ohio.

Olive Garden is not going to close its locations in Ohio because it’s just rumored.

Olive Garden location in the city of Springfield is the most popular Olive Garden location in Ohio.

Is Olive Garden Closing In Michigan?

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant is also not going to close its door in Michigan.

Olive Garden’s closing rumor comes from social media sites, so you don’t need to worry too much about that.

Final Thoughts

Olive Garden restaurants are not closing any locations; instead, Olive Garden parent organization Darden Restaurants, Inc. is planning to expand the number of locations.

First up, Olive Garden restaurant closing news is nothing but a rumor. From social media sites, the rumor spread all over the world.

Next up, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant is investing in its employees and also opening new restaurant locations.

And by considering Olive Garden’s profit margin and revenues, it’s obvious Olive Garden is not going bankrupt shortly.

Therefore, we can say we can enjoy unlimited salad, soup, and breadsticks at Olive Garden in the future.

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