Are Breadsticks Free at Olive Garden? (Policy Updated 2024)

Dining at Olive Garden is synonymous with enjoying unlimited breadsticks, so a meal without them is hard to imagine. But are breadsticks free at Olive Garden?

In recent times, Olive Garden Never-Ending breadsticks, salad and soup policy changed a little. Since updates might affect your experience, it’s important to know them before planning to dine at Olive Garden.

In today’s detailed article, you will learn everything about Olive Garden’s unlimited breadsticks. So, let’s find out:

Are Breadsticks Free at Olive Garden?

are breadsticks free at olive garden

Olive Garden breadsticks are still free as of 2024. But Olive Garden limits the number of breadsticks. Instead of unlimited breadsticks, guests will now get one breadstick plus an additional one for the first basket. The server provides one breadstick per person for subsequent refills to maintain the supply.

Hence, you’ll be treated to delicious breadsticks, along with the never-ending refills of soup and salad at Olive Garden.

Back in 2020, Olive Garden stopped serving free breadsticks during the pandemic but the offer has come back again.

After a temporary absence, Olive Garden has returned with its popular endless breadsticks and never-ending soup and salad choices.

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Why did Olive Garden Change its Unlimited Breadsticks Policy?

Lately, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant doesn’t let you eat as many breadsticks as you want because Olive Garden’s never-ending breadsticks policy has changed.

Olive Garden decided to modify its unlimited breadsticks promotion, and this decision stemmed from multiple reasons. From our recharge to increasing sales revenue or profit margin is the main reason why Olive Garden limits free breadsticks.

Offering unlimited breadsticks to a massive amount of customers costs Olive Garden a substantial sum of money each year, which cuts from the restaurant’s profit.

Besides that, the unstable world economic crisis and issues with the food industry’s supply chain definitely forced Olive Garden to change the endless breadsticks policy.

Does Olive Garden Charge for Breadsticks in 2024?

As of 2024, Olive Garden is not charging for breadsticks, but they limit the number of breadsticks.

Each guest of Olive Garden is going to get one breadstick in every basket. So, you should not expect unlimited breadsticks on every basket from now on.

But, yes, Olive Garden breadsticks are free, but the number of breadsticks you will get is not unlimited as it was before they changed the policy.

Do Olive Garden Take-Out and Online Orders Come with Breadsticks?

Never-ending or unlimited breadsticks are not available for take-out or online delivery. The unlimited breadsticks, soup and salad are available dine-in only.

Foodies are often expecting endless breadsticks from Olive Garden take-out or home delivery, but as you find each web page of their official website, Olive Garden mentions “Never-Ending refills of Soup, Salad & Breadsticks available dine-in only” clearly.

do olive garden take-out and online orders come with breadsticks

Hence, when you take-out or order online from your nearest Olive Garden location, it’s better not to expect unlimited breadsticks.

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Olive Garden Breadsticks Ingredients and Dietary Considerations

Ingredients of Olive Garden Breadstick:

  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Instant Yeast
  • Salt
  • Garlic Powder
  • Bread Flour

Olive Garden breadsticks are not gluten-free. So, when you are on a gluten-free diet, breadsticks are a no-go for you.

But, if you are looking for dairy-free options at Olive Garden, the breadsticks are always good to go for you because they are completely dairy free.

I’d also recommend taking a look at the ingredients of Olive Garden’s breadsticks before enjoying them, especially if you have any dietary restrictions or concerns.

How Many Breadsticks Do You Get at Olive Garden?

Every basket of breadsticks is going to contain one breadstick for per person and one extra on the first basket. After the initial basket, each time the server refills the basket, there will be only one breadstick for per guest.

As a result, the number of breadsticks you receive at Olive Garden depends on how often you request the server to refill the basket during your meal.

It’s worth mentioning Olive Garden server won’t refill the basket of breadsticks unless you are not asking them to do it.

So, you must request another basket of breadsticks when it’s needed, and the server will refill the basket of breadsticks right away.

Can You Just Get Breadsticks at Olive Garden?

No, you cannot just get breadsticks at Olive Garden. To get breadsticks, you must order any dish from Olive Garden menu.

As you might be aware, Olive Garden offers endless breadsticks with the meal for free. However, you can order an extra basket of breadsticks (6 breadsticks) as a side.

Can You Take Breadsticks Home from Olive Garden?

Guests are not allowed to take breadsticks home from Olive Garden; hence you must finish the basket of breadsticks on the table before leaving.

I myself tried several times to bring breadsticks home from Olive Garden, but the server won’t allow it. So, I have to finish the breadsticks on the table and take only the meal at home.

However, if you want to enjoy the Olive Garden breadsticks really bad, then you can order an extra basket of breadsticks which contains 6 breadsticks to take to your home.

Does Olive Garden ToGo Come with Breadsticks?

Yes, Olive Garden ToGo comes with free breadsticks. You will get two breadsticks per ToGo entrée order. The more you order Olive Garden ToGo entrée, the more breadsticks you will get.

So, order Olive Garden’s Buy One, Take One ToGo and enjoy free breadsticks with it.

What About Unlimited Soup and Salad

Along with never-ending breadsticks, Olive Garden also offers unlimited soup and salad to their guests. Instead of unlimited breadsticks, you can have soup or salad with your meal at Olive Garden.

The endless breadsticks offer beat the unlimited soup and salad because the taste of Olive Garden’s breadsticks is mouth-watering.

Currently, you can have four different soups that include Zuppa Toscana, Pasta e Fagioli, Chicken & Gnocchi, and Minestrone. Among them, Zuppa Toscana enjoys widespread popularity among customers.

As for the Olive Garden unlimited salad, you can have a typical salad that contains tomato slices, onion, iceberg, black olives, and pepperoncini. 

So, you don’t have to get a basket of breadsticks; you can choose unlimited soup or salad with your meal at Olive Garden dining.

How Many Breadsticks Does Olive Garden Make A Day?

According to David T Pickens, president of Darden Restaurants Inc, Olive Garden make over 9 million breadsticks a day.

The perfect breadsticks of Olive Garden is another key secret of their success. And I’m confident now Olive Garden makes more than nine million breadsticks per day since the number of locations has expanded.

To Sum-up

Olive Garden still offers free breadsticks for their guests. However, the policy of the unlimited breadsticks has changed.

The Never-ending breadsticks are only available for dine-in only. So, you won’t get the unlimited breadsticks when you order online or take-out from Olive Garden.

Olive Garden endless soup, salad and breadsticks are available as of 2024. Hence, you should dine in at Olive Garden to eat more at less.

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