Subway Sub Of The Day Menu, Daily Specials, And More (Updated May 2023)

Subway Sub Of The Day is here to happy their customers with Subway daily specials. Subway offers Subway everyday specials through Subway sub of the day.

So, you should know more about Subway meal of the day to save more money at Subway.

Here we let you know what is Subway Sub Of The Day, Sub of the day menu, Subway daily specials, Sub of the day schedule, and more.

What Is Subway Sub Of The Day?

Subway Sub Of The Day offers Subway daily specials items only for $3.50. Sub of the day menu includes Meatball Marinara on Sunday, Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on Monday, Oven Roasted Chicken on Tuesday, Turkey Breast on Wednesday, Italian B.M.T. on Thursday, Tuna on Friday, and Black Forest Ham on Saturday.

subway sub of the day
Subway Sub Of The Day 2023

Subway Sub Of The Day Menu

Subway Sub Of The Day menu has some popular items. Sub of the day menu also added some more items as of 2023. Italian B.M.T sandwich and Meatball Marinara are the most famous on the menu.

Subway Sub Of The Day menu includes:

  1. Meatball Marinara
  2. Veggie Delite
  3. Black Forest Ham
  4. Italian B.M.T
  5. Tuna
  6. Chicken & Bacon Ranch
  7. Turkey Breast
  8. Chicken Teriyaki
  9. Spicy Italian
  10. Steak & Cheese
  11. Cold Cut Combo
  12. Buffalo Chicken
  13. All-American Club
  14. Rotisserie-Style Chicken
  15. Oven Roasted Turkey

1. Meatball Marinara

Subway Meatball Marinara is the most popular sandwich on Subway Sub Of The Day menu.

Meatball Marinara is pork-free, Subway uses beef meatball. Meatballs are soaked into marinara sauce.

Subway Meatball Marinara sandwich contains 400 calories, 17 grams of fat, 20 grams of protein, 7 grams of saturated fat. Meatball Marinara serving size is 205 grams.

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2. Veggie Delite

subway veggie delite
Veggie Delite

Subway Veggie Delite is a healthy sandwich because Veggie Delite is packed with veggies.

Veggie Delite is made of lettuce, baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and red onions. Veggie Delite has only 200 Calories, 2 grams fat, 0 saturated fat, and 8 grams of protein.

3. Black Forest Ham

Black Forest Ham is another delicious item on the Subway Sub Of The Day menu, especially for pork lovers.

Subway added some veggies under the ham, and Black Forest Ham is served on Hearty Multigrain bread.

Subway Black Forest Ham has only 1 gram of saturated fat, 270 calories, 18 grams of protein, and 4 grams of total fat.

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4. Italian B.M.T

Italian B.M.T
Italian B.M.T

Italian B.M.T is the best-selling sandwich of all time from Subway. Subway Italian B.M.T made of spicy pepperoni, Black Forest Ham, and Genoa Salami.

Italian B.M.T is high on calories; it has 390 calories, 43 grams total carbs, 17 grams fat, and 19 grams of protein.

5. Tuna

Subway Tuna is also included in sub of the day menu. You might have heard a lot of talk about Subway Tuna.

Although Tuna has a high level of calories, but you can choose your favorite vegetables with it.

6. Chicken & Bacon Ranch

The Cheese, bacon, chicken breast, and sauce all together make Subway’s Chicken & Bacon Ranch so delicious.

But 6-inch sub, the Chicken & Bacon Ranch, contains 610 calories, 29 total grams of fat, 34 grams of protein.

That’s why you should consider your health before ordering Chicken & Bacon Ranch.

7. Turkey Breast

Subway Turkey Breast is another special food item on Subway meal of the day menu. The Turkey Breast sandwich is oven-roasted, and it’s full of vegetables.

Subway Turkey Breast has 250 calories, 3 grams of total fat, and 20 grams of protein, so it’s also a healthy Subway 6 inch of the day item.

8. Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki goes on green peppers, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce. Subway Chicken Teriyaki is also topped with sweet onion sauce.

Chicken Teriyaki includes 4 grams of fat, 330 calories, and 24 grams of protein.

9. Spicy Italian

Spicy Italian
Spicy Italian

Spicy Italian is also one of the best-selling sandwiches provided by Subway. The spicy pepperoni, cheese, and salami combinations make this 6-inch sandwich more delicious.

Subway Spicy Italian sandwich contains 20g fat, 43g total carbs, and is high on calories that is 470 calories.

10. Steak & Cheese

Subway Steak & Cheese is a fan-favorite item on Subway Sub Of The Day menu.

Steak & Cheese is loaded with plenty of gooey cheese, green peppers, onions, and Philly-style steak. Steak & Cheese contains 320 calories, 10 grams of fat, 25 grams of protein.

11. Cold Cut Combo

Cold Cut Combo sandwich is customizable because you can add vegetables, cheese, and bread to what you want.

Cold Cut Combo comprises salami, bologna, and slices of ham. It has more than 300 calories and 17 grams of protein.

12. Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo Chicken contains high calories that are more than 360 calories, 24 grams of protein, 12 grams of total fat. Buffalo Chicken has a different flavor because it is made with hot sauce.

13. All-American Club

Subway has been making All-American Club sandwiches, not for a long time, but this sandwich is becoming really popular fast.

All-American Club is made up of Black Forest ham, oven-roasted turkey, and hickory smoked bacon.

All-American Club contains 350 calories, 13 grams of total fat, and 25 grams of protein.

14. Rotisserie-Style Chicken

Subway Rotisserie-Style Chicken is made by Subway’s special white meat chicken and your choice of veggies.

The 6-inch Subway Rotisserie-Style Chicken contains 300 calories, 6 grams of total fat, 23 grams of protein.

Rotisserie-Style Chicken is more tender than other Subway 6 inch of the day items.

15. Oven Roasted Turkey

Subway Oven Roasted Turkey has a variety of veggies such as sliced tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, red onions, and lettuce.

The Oven Roasted Turkey also comes with Subway oven-roasted turkey that flavors make it more savory. But, Subway Oven Roasted Turkey is high on calories; it has 430 calories.

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Subway Sub Of The Day Schedule

subway sub of the day schedule
Subway Sub Of The Day Schedule

Each day Subway Sub Of The Day offers a different 6-inch sub. Subway Monday special has Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Tuesday sub of the day has Oven Roasted Chicken, Wednesday special has Turkey Breast, Italian B.M.T is on Subway Thursday special, Friday Special has Tuna, Black Forest Ham on Subway Saturday special and Meatball Marinara on Subway Sunday special.

Here is Subway Sub Of The Day Schedule:

MondaySweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
TuesdayOven Roasted Chicken
WednesdayTurkey Breast
ThursdayItalian B.M.T
SaturdayBlack Forest Ham
SundayMeatball Marinara

Subway Monday Special

On Monday’s Sub Of The Day menu, you will get Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki.

The Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki is a healthy Subway sandwich because it is low in fat and high in protein. Subway Monday special items can be a healthy option for you.

Subway Tuesday Special

subway Tuesday Special
Subway Tuesday Special

Subway Tuesday special has Oven Roasted Chicken that is stuffed with vegetables and chicken breast with rib meat. Subway Oven Roasted Chicken is also crispy.

Subway Wednesday Special

Turkey Breast is on Wednesday Sub Of The Day menu. On Wednesday, you can get Subway Turkey breast only for $3.50.

You must love the Subway Turkey Breast item because it is served on Subway fresh baked bread, and you can choose the vegetable that you want to eat with it.

Subway Thursday Special

If you are a Subway regular customer, you might eat their Italian B.M.T, but you can get Italian B.M.T only for $3.50 dollars on Subway Thursday Sub Of The Day.

Italian B.M.T is Subway’s best-selling sandwich, and B.M.T stands for Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest.

Subway Friday Special

Subway Tuna is also a fan favorite item. Subway allows you to choose your favorite vegetable with tuna.

Subway tuna is mixed with mayo. Subway Tuna is high in fat and calories. That’s why you should be concerned about that also.

Subway Saturday Special

Saturday Sub Of The Day menu has Subway special 6 inches Black Forest Ham sandwich. Black Forest Ham comes with Subway Hearty Multigrain bread and varieties of vegetables.

Subway Sunday Special

The Meatball Marinara is available on Subway Sunday Sub Of The Day. Meatballs are wet through the marinara sauce, making the Meatball Marinara delicious.

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How Much Does Subway Sub Of The Day Cost?

subway sub of the day cost
How Much Does Subway Sub Of The Day Cost

Subway Sub Of The Day price $3.50 for 6-inch sub each day. Sub of the day deals offer different sandwiches each day.

But, in some Subway locations, the price of sub of the day can be different. In some of Subway’s locations sub of the day deal price is $3.99. So, you should check your closest Subway.

How To Order Subway Sub Of The Day Online

Subway also takes orders of sub of the day online, so you can order Subway Sub Of The Day online. You can order sub of the day using Subway’s website and app.

Open up Subway app or go to Subway website and then select sub of the day sandwich; after that, you need to choose bread, veggies, and sauce. After selecting vegetables and sauce, Subway shows your builded sandwich.

Just press the order, and you will get Subway Sub Of The Day delivered in shorts. If you use Subway app, ordering sub of the day will be easier.

Subway Sub Of The Day FAQs:

What are the two new sandwiches at Subway?

Subway added two new sandwiches to their menu. The Baja Turkey Avocado and Honey Mustard Rotisserie-Style Chicken, two both new sandwiches, are now available at Subway.

Subway Baja Turkey Avocado comprises smashed avocado and lots of vegetables. The price of Baja Turkey Avocado is $5.69 small, $8.79 footling, $11.59 footlong PRO. And the Honey Mustard Rotisserie-Style Chicken is $5.99 small, $9.19 footling, $12.19 footlong PRO.

Which subs are $7 at Subway?

Subway $7 Footlongs menu includes Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Black Forest Ham, Cold Cut Combo, and Black Forest Ham. Subway $7 subs are healthy and delicious.

What is the price of a footlong at Subway?

The price of a Subway footlong is between $3 to $8. Subway 6 inch sub price from $3 to $5 and 12 inches (footlong) sub price from $5 to $8.


Subway Sub Of The Day is still available every day and everyone. Subway Sub Of The Day schedule is also the same in all Subway locations.

To eat on a budget, Subway Sub Of The Day can be a better option for you.

For low cost and the daily special, Subway Sub Of The Day is getting more popular worldwide.

Tuesday Sub Of The Day is most famous among other days’ Sub Of The Day menu. We recommend you get a taste of the Tuesday and Saturday Sub Of The Day menu.

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