15 Best Restaurants In Downtown Nashville, Tennessee 2023

The list of best restaurants in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, has been made in recent times by considering the restaurant’s menu items, atmosphere, food prices and more.

The Music City of Nashville is full of food culture and music in every corner of its downtown.

Finding a restaurant with live music in Broadway Nashville is not going to be very hard for anyone, even for new tourists.

You are going to be confused about finding the best places to eat in downtown Nashville because most downtown Nashville restaurants have great food items on the menu and a peaceful ambience inside.

Fortunately, the city of Nashville is my own city where I am bringing up and seeking the best restaurants to enjoy life.

Here, I’m going to show you the best restaurants in downtown Nashville with every restaurant’s address, contact and what to eat.

Best Restaurants In Downtown Nashville

The list of best restaurants in downtown Nashville:

  1. Bourbon Steak
  2. Redneck Riviera Bar & BBQ
  3. Ellington’s
  4. The Stillery
  5. Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse
  6. Virago
  7. The Hampton Social
  8. Black Rabbit
  9. Emmy Squared Pizza
  10. Kayne Prime
  11. Gray & Dudley
  12. Manny’s House of Pizza
  13. Stateside Kitchen
  14. Bakersfield
  15. Church and Union
best restaurants in downtown nashville
Best Restaurants In Downtown Nashville

1. Bourbon Steak

bourbon steak
Bourbon Steak. Image By: Nashville Guru

Bourbon Steak is one of the best restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. From the restaurant chef to the atmosphere, everything attracts people to sit at Bourbon Steak restaurant.

Bourbon Steak restaurant’s chef Michael Mina was born in Cairo, Egypt and is now the restaurant owner.

The city of Nashville’s skyline view makes Bourbon Steak restaurant more famous because Bourbon Steak offers a 360-degree view.

Bourbon Steak is also the top fine dining restaurant in Nashville. People often make a reservation at Bourbon Steak restaurant for anniversary celebrations.

Dessert, salads, sides, dinner, drinks and over 700 exceptional wines are available on Bourbon Steak menu to order.

Bourbon Steak restaurant is located on the 34th floor of the hip JW Marriott Hotel, Nashville.

Bourbon Steak restaurant’s dress code is business attire or smart casual dress, so ensure the dress code before going to the restaurant.

Address: 201 8th Ave S 34th floor, Nashville, TN 37203, United States
Contact: +1 629-208-8440

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2. Redneck Riviera Bar & BBQ

redneck riviera bar & bbq
Redneck Riviera Bar & BBQ

Redneck Riviera Bar & BBQ is a restaurant where people feel more energy to live longer.

Redneck Riviera Bar & BBQ is a live music bar and BBQ that I recommend you visit when you are in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

You’re going to find starters, sides and lots of beverage items on the Redneck Riviera Bar & BBQ menu.

Redneck Riviera Bar & BBQ includes vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and liquors on its drinks menu.

This restaurant hosts several live music events every month; that’s why Redneck Riviera Bar & BBQ is the best restaurant in downtown Nashville with live music.

The cost of food items is really budget-friendly, so you can host your party at Redneck Riviera Bar & BBQ with your friends and family.

Address: 208 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee 37201, United States
Contact: +1 615-436-4070

3. Ellington’s


Ellington’s restaurant staff and chef also give you a home-friendly experience.

This restaurant is situated on the 4th floor of the Fairlane Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ellington’s restaurant’s bar-style indoor design makes this restaurant more attractive.

Ellington’s offers dinner, after dinner, drinks and a happy hour menu. We ordered Churrasco Steak, which contained flank steak, crispy potatoes, and almond chili chimichurri.

The food was really good, the steak was very juicy, and the staff were also friendly.

But, the price of menu items seems a little overpriced to me. Overall experience was mentionable.

So you can choose Ellington’s as the best place to eat in downtown Nashville.

Address: 401 Union St 4th Floor, Nashville, Tennessee 37219, United States
Contact: +1 615-988-7333

4. The Stillery

the stillery
The Stillery, Image By: Nashville Lifestyles

The Stillery is already a famous Nashville downtown restaurant with two locations; one is in Nashville downtown and another in Midtown.

Rustic-style pizzas and burgers are the most fan-favorite menu item at The Stillery restaurant.

The Stillery restaurant also offers food with live music. On the menu, you will find drinks, two-handed sandwiches, The Stillery restaurant house specials and more items.

The Stillery restaurant takes reservations for large pirates and holiday parties, where you can bring up to 80 people.

On regular bases, The Stillery restaurant hosts live music events for customers.

Burgers and pizzas are highly recommended for you to eat at The Stillery restaurant; you can also order any drinks from the menu.

Address: 113 2nd Ave N, Nashville, Tennessee 37201, United States
Contact: +1 615-942-8080

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5. Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

jeff ruby’s steakhouse
Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

You will often find steakhouses in downtown Nashville, but Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse is one of the best among all the steakhouses in Nashville.

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse is a fine dining restaurant that gives you a unique dining experience.

I must say the indoor decoration of Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse is going to pull you out of the city life and give you peace.

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse also has a sushi bar that has various types of sushi on the menu.

Celebrities like Joe Burrow visited Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, making this restaurant more popular nationwide.

Address: 300 4th Ave N, Nashville, Tennessee 37219, United States
Contact: +1 615-434-4300

6. Virago


Virago restaurant is a unique place to eat in downtown Nashville. Virago’s menu includes all different types of sushi and drinks.

In 2000, Virago restaurant began its journey and is still the most famous downtown Nashville Asian Fusion restaurant.

Virago restaurant is a project of M street Entertainment that has a total of five restaurants in Nashville.

Right after inter Virago restaurant, you will notice the difference between other sushi places and Virago.

This restaurant decor has a theater vibe which lets you enjoy the atmosphere the most.

On Virago restaurant menu, you find sushi, desserts, dinner, drinks and Makimono Reserve items.

Virago restaurant has a dress code that you need to know before going. Business casual and no hats are the current dress code of this restaurant.

Address: 1120 McGavock St, Nashville, TN 37203, United States
Contact: +1 615-254-1902

7. The Hampton Social

the hampton social
The Hampton Social

The Hampton Social is a fancy American restaurant that currently offers rooftop indoor and outdoor seating.

Now, The Hampton Social restaurant has over ten locations all over the nation.

The indoor atmosphere of The Hampton Social restaurant is going to fascinate any food lover.

Soup, pizzas, salads, sides and sweets are available on The Hampton Social restaurant menu.

This restaurant also has a kid’s menu. Live music also hosts several events in a month.

Taco and pizzas are also on the menu. I tried Honey Glazed Salmon; that test was really good. Salmon was cooked perfectly, and this menu item comes with veggies.

You can also try The Hampton Social restaurant’s desserts because it has a balanced flavor.

Address: 201 1st Ave S, Nashville, Tennessee 37201, United States
Contact: +1 615-622-7772

8. Black Rabbit

black rabbit
Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit is a restaurant with a history where you find a large bar, banquettes and living room area.

Famous chef Trey Cioccia is always in Black Rabbit restaurant to make you full.

Some special menu items at Black Rabbit restaurant’s menu that you are not going to find anywhere else.

Over forty drinks items, you can find on this restaurant menu and desserts are also included on the menu.

Black Rabbit restaurants offer happy hours from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday through Saturday.

Address: 2218 3rd Ave N, Nashville, Tennessee 37201, United States
Contact: +1 615-891-2380

9. Emmy Squared Pizza

emmy squared pizza
Emmy Squared Pizza

Emmy Squared Pizza is the restaurant where every pizza lover should live in the city of music.

Emily Hyland and Mathew Hyland are the founders of Emmy Squared Pizza, which started in 2016.

After earning a good reputation in New York, Emmy Squared Pizza is now available in eight locations all over the United States.

And the city of Nashville also has only one location. The burger and Detroit-style pizza make Emmy Squared Pizza restaurant famous.

Locals of Nashville only know this place as Emmy Squared, but they come to it only for pizza.

Several times, I also tested Emmy Squared pizza; I must say it gives you a unique experience than others.

Address: 3821 Green Hills Village Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37215, United States
Contact: +1 615-800-5400

10. Kayne Prime

kayne prime
Kayne Prime

Kayne Prime is a steakhouse that is owned by M Street. Kayne Prime is a fine dining restaurant and has a dress code.

Some of the unique dishes of Kayne Prime restaurant help this place to stand out among many steakhouses in downtown Nashville.

Kayne Prime also has a gluten-free menu for its customers. The astonishing interior design of Kayne Prime restaurant makes you feel more surprised.

Often I compare the steakhouse with Kayne Prime steakhouse; I always find Kayne Prime is the best restaurant on Broadway Nashville.

Popcorn-buttered lobster is a fan favorite and also a unique dish of Kayne Prime restaurant.

Address: 1103 McGavock Street Nashville, Tennessee 37203, United States
Contact: +1 615-259-0050

11. Gray & Dudley

gray & dudley
Gray & Dudley

Gray & Dudley is a restaurant that does not need any introduction about its food and restaurant atmosphere.

Executive chef Matt Bell created the menu in his style and experience.

The art on the wall is the first thing you will notice when you are in Gray & Dudley restaurant.

Gray & Dudley restaurant typically offers American cuisine, but they also have other continental cuisines on the menu.

Gray & Dudley restaurant has happy hour from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.; dessert, salads, wine, beers and cocktails are available on the happy hour menu.

Gray & Dudley gives you the best dining experience in the city of Nashville. So, make a reservation before hosting a party.

Summer cocktail Gay & Studly is the most popular drink at Gray & Dudley restaurant that you should also try. 

Address: 221 2nd Ave N, Nashville, Tennessee 37201, United States
Contact: +1 615-610-6460

12. Manny’s House of Pizza

manny’s house of pizza
Manny’s House of Pizza

Manny’s House of Pizza is a famous pizza place in downtown Nashville. Since 1984, Manny’s House of Pizza has taken on the best pizza place in the music city.

Manny is the man behind Manny’s House of Pizza and also the founder of this restaurant.

On the menu, you have veggie, meat, Italian sausage, spinach and a variety of different types of pizzas.

Often I notice Manny’s House of Pizza restaurant get so crowded that I don’t even get my slice because its pizzas are very delicious.

Calzones, rolls, pasta, subs, drinks and one type of dessert are also available to order at Manny’s House of Pizza.

Address: 15 Arcade Alley, Nashville, TN 37219, United States
Contact: +1 615-242-7144

13. Stateside Kitchen

stateside kitchen
Stateside Kitchen, Image By: Nashville Guru

Stateside Kitchen is a fine dining restaurant that also offers nightlife parties every day.

Stateside Kitchen restaurant is the place where you find everything in one place.

Especially if you are a drinks lover, check out Stateside Kitchen restaurant to get a more exceptional drinking experience.

Stateside Kitchen offers happy hours from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, where drinks are only for five bucks.

This place is the most lively brunch on Broadway Nashville, so don’t miss this restaurant while you are in the city.

Address: 210 4th Ave N, Nashville, Tennessee 37219, United States
Contact: +1 615-622-0500

14. Bakersfield


Bakersfield is the best Mexican restaurant in downtown Nashville. The menu of Bakersfield restaurant makes you confused, although you are a Mexican cuisine lover.

Until 2023, Bakersfield restaurant is available in seven locations; Nashville, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Charlotte, and Cincinnati.

Most locations of Bakersfield restaurant contain the same menu and prices for their customers.

Serving authentic Mexican street food makes Bakersfield restaurant more popular.

If you are a fan of Tacos, just like me, Bakersfield restaurant is a must place for you to visit.

Over the years, Bakersfield restaurant has gotten more responses for its drinks like Tequila and Whiskey.

Address: 201 3rd Ave S, Nashville, Tennessee 37201, United States
Contact: +1 615-522-0970

15. Church and Union

church and union
Church and Union

When you are in the city of Nashville and have not visited Church and Union restaurant, you are missing a lot.

Church and Union restaurant is one of the coolest places to eat in downtown Nashville.

Church and Union restaurant was opened in the recent year 2021, but the restaurant’s atmosphere and food make this place more attractive to food lovers.

On Church and Union restaurant menus, you find all of the American food items listed for order. Don’t forget to see the writing on the walls and ceiling with food.

The huge bar section of Church and Union restaurant gives you a place to enjoy the drinks.

Try Church and Union steaks because it’s over the top, and Nola BBQ Shrimp is also another best item on the menu.

Address: 201 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219, United States
Contact:+1 615-864-0977

Final Thoughts

The best restaurants in downtown Nashville allow you to explore various continental cuisine with music that makes you more engaged with culture.

Whether you love to eat Mexican, Italian, or Asian cuisine, you find all of them on Broadway Nashville.

From fancy dining to casual restaurants in downtown Nashville, almost all restaurants host you with live music and warm food.

Eating on Broadway Nashville is often my work to do; that’s why I recommend you to visit some pizza places because they are outstanding and also unique.

BBQ and stakes are common items in almost all restaurants in the city of Nashville, Tennessee, so also have some stakes to enjoy with live music.

With the restaurant’s special food items, I also shared the location of the best restaurant in downtown Nashville which helps you find them.

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